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Tourist attraction

동해의 명소

Cheongok Cave

  • Location | 1004 Cheongok-dong, Donghaesi (36 Donggullo)
  • Tel | 033-532-2806

As the only cave located within the downtown in Korea, this place is a highly accessible and natural limestone cave where th..



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Mangsang Beach

[Beach]Mangsang Beach

  • No.1 Beach in the east coast boasting clean and shallow water as well as white sands spreading endlessly along the seashore behind the dense pine forest. You can step on silver sand, look at the wide ..
  • Location | 393-16, Mangsang-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do TEL | 033-530-2799
Chuam Beach

[Beach]Chuam Beach

  • It is called “samhaegeumgang” of the east coast centered on the boundary seashore between Donghae City and Samcheok City. Currently, a neighborhood park is being developed and it boasts splendid n..
  • Location | Bukpyeong-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do TEL | 033-530-2234
Mureung Scenic Spot

[Mountain & Valley]Mureung Scenic Spot

  • Leading to Mt. Cheongoksan, Mt. Dutasan is famous for its beautiful hills and waters and attracts a number of climbers as a superior climbing course all the year round. With the bluff cliffs, rockwal..
  • Location | 8-tong, Samhwa-dong, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do TEL | 033-539-3700~1
Mangsang Auto Camping Resort

[Resort]Mangsang Auto Camping Resort

  • In the neighborhood of Myeongsasimni Beach, one of the best-known tourist attractions, and Mangsang Beach boasting thick pine forests, a camping place exclusive for automobiles was built according to ..
  • Location | 393-39, Mangsang-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do TEL | 033-530-2805
Cheongok Cave

[Cave & Rock]Cheongok Cave

  • As the only cave located within the downtown in Korea, this place is a highly accessible and natural limestone cave where the primeval mysteries 4 ~ 5 hundred millions years ago and a variety of rare ..
  • Location | 1004 Cheongok-dong, Donghaesi (36 Donggullo) TEL | 033-532-2806
Yakcheon Culture Village

[Park & Museum]Yakcheon Culture Village

  • Yakcheon Cultural Village is in the northwestern part of the city where Mangun Mountain is located. It is the biggest village called Simgok in Simgok-dong situated between Memil and Daet village. Th..
  • Location | Mangsang-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do TEL | 033-530-2441
Donghae Whale Fossil Museum

[Park & Museum]Donghae Whale Fossil Museum

  • The museum gives you chance to have better understanding of the earth's history and evolution of organisms. It exhibits creatures on the evolution table by geographical age, which can be grouped int..
  • Location | 360-5 Mangsang-dong, Gangwon-do TEL | 033-534-8660
Chuam Sculpture park

[Park & Museum]Chuam Sculpture park

  • The groundwork has been laid for the Chuam Sculpture Park near Chuam Beach where Chotdaebawi is located. The park is expected to be an attractive tourist spot for resting and entertainment. info ..
  • Location | Location : 474 Chuam-dong, Donghae-si TEL | 033-530-2234
Mukho lighthouse & sunrise park

[Park & Museum]Mukho lighthouse & sunrise park

  • Mukho Lighthouse, located halfway up the mountain (altitude 67m) in Mukho-dong, is attracting tourists with its beautiful scenery overlooking the east cost. The monument Home for Movie was built in M..
  • Location | Mukho-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do TEL | 033-531-3258
Noted sushi house street

[Others]Noted sushi house street

  • Around 4 km-long sushi towns from Mukho-dong to Daejin Port have been well received by tourists as a new attraction in conjunction with Mukho Port, Mukho Sunrising Park, and Kkamakbawi. Restaurants o..
  • Location | Mukho-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do TEL | 033-530-2234