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Famous Places

First tourist attraction, Neungpadae(Chotdaebawi)
  • First tourist attraction, Neungpadae(Chotdaebawi)
  • Neungpadae is a well-known place as its picture was used for background image of the national anthem. Beautiful surroundings of various shapes of rocks including high rising Chotdaebawi are marvelous. The place is especially perfect to see sun rising. Han Myeonghoe, the governor of Gangwon province in Joseon Dynasty was fascinated by its view and called it Neungpadae by which means walking of a beautiful woman. Near the place is located Haeamjeong that Sim Dongro, a famous scholar in Goryeo Dynasty withdrew from his office and built for nurturing younger students.
Second Tourist Attraction, Yongchu Fall
  • Second Tourist Attraction, Yongchu Fall
  • The fall looks like a dragon ascending to heaven. Raindrops have formed the current shape of rocks. It is dazzling to look up the over 30m- long falling water that is comparable to Guryong Fall in Geumgang Mountain. The beauty can be well understood by a stone carving that says Byeoryucheonji by which means 'another planet'.
Third Tourist Attraction, Mureungbanseok (Mureung Rock)
  • Third Tourist Attraction, Mureungbanseok (Mureung Rock)
  • Mureungbanseok, situated at the entrance of the Mureung Valley, is also called Seokjangamdong. It is about 500m²-wide single rock making fascinating view along with bizarre looking rocks around it. It is worthy to note the stone carvings that demonstrate the taste of scholars in the old days.
Fourth Tourist Attraction, Mangsang Myeongsasimni
  • Fourth Tourist Attraction, Mangsang Myeongsasimni
  • Myeongsasimni is a number one beach boasting shallow and clean water, the 4km-long sands, flocks of gulls and plentiful forest. Yearly 600,000~700,000 people visit the beach to enjoy various kinds of entertainment facilities. It is transforming itself to a four-season tourist destination as top-notch hotels and resort facilities including Mangsang otoping resort were recently built. There is a monument commemorating the navy battle during the Korean War in an adjacent area.
Fifth Tourist Attraction, Cheongok Natural Cave
  • Fifth Tourist Attraction, Cheongok Natural Cave
  • Cheongok Natural Cave is the only one uniquely located at the center of downtown. It is estimated to be about 400 - 500 million years old. It is 10m-high, 1.4km-long natural limestone cave found in June 24th, 1991. It has a multitude of stalagmites and columns, and the longest ceiling crater in Korea. It is of great significance in terms of a tourist destination and scientific value. Currently 700m of cave is opened to the public and the other half is subject for preservation.
Sixth Tourist Attraction, Mangyeongdae
  • Sixth Tourist Attraction, Mangyeongdae
  • Mangyeongdae, the pavilion was built by Geumhun in 1613 when he went back to his home after resignation during the reign of Lord Gwanhae. Poets and calligraphers had often visited here to appreciate Duta Mountain to the west, Donghae Port to the east, and Jeoncheon River flowing below the pavilion. It is one of the famous pavillion along with Jukseoru. A vice-enjoy, Heo Misu, during the beginning year of King Hyeonjong called the place Mankyeong meaning overlooking ten thousand scenery, and the name later changed to Mangyeongdae. You can see excellent writing of noted calligraphers, Rinamsik and Han Ildong.
Seventh Tourist Attraction, Hohaejeong, Halmibawi (Witch Rock)
  • Seventh Tourist Attraction, Hohaejeong, Halmibawi (Witch Rock)
  • Hohaejeong was built by Choe Deokgyu and his colleagues in 1945 commemorating Korea's liberation. It is a single-story building with five rooms and a hipped-and-gabled roof with double-tiered eaves. It also has writings of Korea's noted calligraphers, Geum Jeonghui, and Hong Nakseop. Jeoncheon River flows in front of Hohaejeong, and all the bizarre rocks line up along the coast on the back. A rocking 'witch rock' is at the top of the cliff. Legend says, an ill-tempered witch rolled down the rock into the sea, then, when residents performed sacrificial rite and put the rock back, the Sea God punished the witch with thunder.
Eighth Tourist Attraction, Chorokbong
  • Eighth Tourist Attraction, Chorokbong
  • Chorokbong is one of the peaks of Cheongok Mountain with plentiful forest offering restful tracking courses. Two rocks have legend that, in old time, Gad sent a general to correct all the mundane problems. After he completed his job, he stamped on the rocks to go up to heaven. His footprints are regarded to still remain attracting visitors who want to make their wish.
Ninth Tourist Attraction, Mangsang Auto Camping Resort
  • Ninth Tourist Attraction, Mangsang Auto Camping Resort
  • It is the first camp site exclusively made for automobiles in Korea. It is the eco-friendly leisure space, surrounded with thick pine forest, clean white sands and light jade green ocean. It was the venue for the 64th FICC World Camping Caravanning Donghae Rally, which was held successfully(May 16~27, 2002). It was the first time the rally was held in Korea.