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Noted sushi house street



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  • 소재지Mukho-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do
  • 문의처033-530-2234

Around 4 km-long sushi towns from Mukho-dong to Daejin Port have been well received by tourists as a new attraction in conjunction with Mukho Port, Mukho Sunrising Park, and Kkamakbawi.

Restaurants offer superb quality fresh sushi including Russian Donghae king crab. You can see people dry squids in the traditional fishing village. You can also enjoy sea breezes during the day, and romantic drive courses where beautiful night views create fantastic atmosphere.

Restaurants in the town received the second prize of ‘Beautiful Signboard’ from the provincial government in Feb. 2006.

Kkamakbawi(Crow Rock)

Kkamakbawi is a huge black rock by the sea bordering Eodal-dong. The name originates from the legend that a crow once brought forth its young on the rock.

An indication stone is standing on the western side of the rock indicating its due east location of Namdaemun in Seoul. The stone had often been the standard that fishermen used for safe sailing. Sea gulls and crows had usually come flocking looking for abundant fish around the rock.