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  • introduction
  • 소재지5tong, Samwha-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do
  • 문의처033-539-3700~1

In between the mountain ridge and the valley in Mureung Valley, on the sunny side there is Haksodae, and Beteulbawi is laid on the dark side.

Beteulbawi is kept off the sun by the high mountain, and the cliff rock looks like a loom. According to a legend, a nymph who violated the rule of heaven went down to the valley, weaved three rolls of cloth and went to heaven again.


  • Location : 5tong, Samwha-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do
  • Tracking course
    • Entrance → Mureungbanseok → Samwha Temple → Duta Mountain Fortress Wall → Duta Mountain(14.9㎞, 250min. required)
    • Entrance → Mureungbanseok → Samwha Temple Gwaneum Temple → Gojeokdae Duta Mountain(24㎞, 7 hours required)
    • Entrance → Haksodae → Ssang Fall → Yongchu Fall → Bakdallyeong → Cheongok Mountain(12㎞, 210 min. required)