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  • 소재지Mukho-dong, Donhae, Gangwon-do
  • 문의처033-532-2234

The huge rock is at the entrance of sushi town of Mukhoeodal. Legend says, a general who died while fighting with Japanese invaders with bear hands was born again as an octopus and beat off the enemy.

One day, a resident looked into the hole underneath the rock. He was so surprised by seeing an octopus that ran away, and suddenly scores of crows swooped down on and bit off man. The rock has been said if a sinful man passes underneath the rock, he would be killed by the octopus.

A just and generous general was living in the village about the middle of the time of Joseon Dynasty. At the time, people were suffering from Japanese invaders, so the general spearheaded fighting against the enemy. However, he became so resent the enemy that he took his life by jumping off the cliff.

Then, suddenly the sky went dark and ferocious waves occurred with light and thunder sinking all the ships except one that went down by an octopus. Legend says the octopus was a rebirth of the general. Two big holes in Kkamakbawi in which the spirit of the general is embedded are considered to protect the village.


  • ocation : Mukho-dong, Donhae, Gangwon-do
  • Octopus Statue of Kkamakbawi
  • Location : In front of Kkamakbawi Eodal Sushi town in Mukho-dong, Donghae