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Mangsang Auto Camping Resort



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  • 소재지393-39, Mangsang-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do
  • 문의처033-530-2805

In the neighborhood of Myeongsasimni Beach, one of the best-known tourist attractions, and Mangsang Beach boasting thick pine forests, a camping place exclusive for automobiles was built according to international standards. This site, particularly taking advantage of the 2002 International Camping & Caravanning Donghae Rally, has become a nature-friendly leisure space, providing year-round national tourist and leisure facilities for families traveling by car.

The camping resort provides environment-friendly facilities including automobile camping sites, caravans, cabin houses, American-style cottages, tent village, etc. offering ideal facilities for leisure and cultural activities and amenities which preserve the natural scenery. The auto camp site, the first of its kind to be built along Mangsang Beach, which is a national tourist attraction, is a permanent camping site with ample potential to lead a new leisure culture in the 21st century built at environment-friendly facilities with a government investment amounting to 9.6 billion won.

Mangsang Auto Camping Resort has a variety of accommodation facilities including cabin houses (type A), Korean-style cabin houses built with yellow earth (type B), exotic American cottages (type A, B), in addition to caravans, mobile houses allowing both cooking and accommodation, auto camp site using automobiles, as well as a tent village, etc.

Furthermore, to enhance the experience of its users, the camp site provides various facilities such as common cooking areas, common rest rooms and shower facilities, coin washing machines, stores and restaurants, cafeterias, club houses, playgrounds, Haerimjeong (octagonal pavilion), promenade, etc., providing visitors opportunities for rest and recuperation and various leisure activities, unique to the auto camp site. A wide range of water sports activities including wind surfing and sailing can be enjoyed at the nearby Mangsang Beach, at the camping site, and at the amusement park.