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Mukho Port



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  • 소재지Mukho-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do
  • 문의처033-530-2271

Mukho Port opened in 1941 and had been the largest port until Donghae Port opened. Currently it is now the base for fishery of the East Sea where passenger ships sail between Mukho Port and Ulleung-do and cruise ships to Dok-do.

You can taste fresh raw fish at Mukho and Eodal sushi towns lined along the 2km-long beach.

Loading and unloading annual capacity of six quays is six million ton. Total length of piers is 2,016m where eleven vessels of various sizes can come along. Mukho Port has two fueling (7,500d/m) and water supply facilities (700d/m) dealing with more various kinds of cargos than Donghae Port including fisheries, anthracitic, cement, oil, passenger ships, general merchandizes.