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Chuam Beach



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  • 소재지Bukpyeong-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do
  • 문의처033-530-2234

It is called “samhaegeumgang” of the east coast centered on the boundary seashore between Donghae City and Samcheok City.

Currently, a neighborhood park is being developed and it boasts splendid natural views as good as it was selected as a place among 10 places "Where you can enjoy in Korea in the winter season" by Korea National Tourism Organization in 1997.

Chuam Beach presents a grand sight by fine coastal cliff as well as Chotdaebawi soaked in nostalgia and small and large rocky islands. It boasts an aftereffect in breaking rocks by wild and clear water of the East Sea as well as fine white sands. To reach this beach, you can go to Samcheok along Nat'l Rd. No.7 away out of Donghae Express Way, go straight ahead when you face Hyoga intersection, drive 4.8㎞ until you meet gas station, turn to the left of large-sized advertising pillar for guide, and go toward a little.

It is also called Haegeumgang Beach. Buses to Chuam run 7 times per day in Donghae so it is quiet. Haegeumgang Beach suitable for a family summer resort is abundant with sufficient marine products such as squid, sea squirt, turban shell, sea slug, and flatfish as well as attractions.

As a splendid scenic spot, it has been called Haegeumgang and also called Neungpadae as Han Myeong-hoe, the inspector in charge of Gangwon-do in the King Sejo of Jo Seon Dynasty, was elated with its beautiful scenery. Chuam Beach is clean and quite as it has been just several years since general persons could enter this place.


  • It presents a grand sight of a quiet sea village and clean white sands well-matched with natural superb views of Haegeumam, Chotdaebawi soaked in nostalgia, and small and large rocky islands.
  • It is beautiful such that it was selected as a place among 10 places "Where you can enjoy in Korea" designated by Korea National Tourism Organization.
  • 'Haeamjeong' of a local culture assets is located in the neighborhood of Chuam Beach, which was built by Sim Dong-no as the founder of Samcheok Sim(a kind of surname) in the 10th year of the King Gongmin in Goryeo(1361) after leaving government service.


  • Location : Bukpyeong-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do
  • Opening Season : Yearly, from July 10 to August 20(42days)
  • Festivals · Events : Viewing the Sun Festival, Nude Photograph Contest