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Theme Course

테마로 동해즐기기-스크린투어

  • 드라마 찬란한유산
  • 드라마 겨울연가
  • 영화 미워도 다시한번
  • 영화 동해물과 백두산이

Brilliant Legacy

드라마 찬란한 유산 포스터

    천곡천연동굴 자연학습장

    Cheongok Cave

  • As the only cave located within the downtown in Korea, this place is a highly accessible and natural limestone cave where the primeval mysteries 4 ~ 5 hundred millions years ago and a variety of rare stones are distributed throughout, having significant scientific values as a live educational field of earth science.

    DBS Cruise ferri

  • Experience of the top which enjoys from the beautiful cruise

    Chuam Beach

  • Chuam Beach presents a grand sight by fine coastal cliff as well as Chotdaebawi soaked in nostalgia and small and large rocky islands.

    Mukho lighthouse

  • Mukho lighthouse has the great view visitors can take a glance around the East sea. It is also the well-known filming location for Although is Hateful Again 2002 and Brilliant Legacy.

    Mangsang Auto Camping Resort

  • In the neighborhood of Myeongsasimni Beach, one of the best-known tourist attractions, and Mangsang Beach boasting thick pine forests, a camping place exclusive for automobiles was built according to international standards.