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Skin Scuba

테마로 동해즐기기-스킨스쿠버

What is Skin Scuba Diving?

In general, the recreation diving is composed of skin diving and scuba diving.

Skin diving

  • Skin diving is an act of swimming freely 10m underwater. It is done with the aid of a face mask, swimming fins for the feet, and either a snorkel. So it is also called Snorkeling

Scuba diving

  • Scuba diving is an act of roaming in water for minutes using scuba equipment. Diving of scuba diving is like the act of submerging. But scuba needs to be explained.


  • SCUBA is an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. "Underwater Breathing Apparatus" means an equipment that breathe in water and”Self Contained" means "being independent". SCUBA is independent underwater breathing equipment. It was made to distinguish itself from on-independent diving that needs an air hose. These days, SCUBA is used as a general noun, so it has been written as Scuba.

Skin Scuba Equipment

  • Dive Suits
    • Dive suits have 3 functions of maintaining divers' body temperature, protecting them from injury and providing a little buoyancy
  • Buoyancy Compensators
    • Divers wearing wet suits have a neutral buoyancy of 6.8㎏ but at 30m depth, divers have a negative buoyancy of 6.8㎏. Therefore, they need equipment that can offset the negative buoyancy.
  • Weight Belts
    • Weight belt is needed to make neutral buoyancy by offsetting the positive buoyancy of divers' suit and divers themselves
    • It will be the most important single equipment. Its main function is to deliver a good amount of air for a good period of time to divers.
  • Masks
    • Considering water pressure, having a quality mask is very important. And the masks should be durable and heated
  • Fins
    • Dive fin is one of the most important pieces of scuba equipment because it helps divers to turn to any directions in water. That is to say, diver's feet can be compared to motor and the fin to propeller. A good use of fin will make divers show 75 % increased more ability.
    • This simple equipment helps divers breathe in water.
  • Instruments
    • Dive timer, dive computer, compass, submersible pressure gauge, depth gauge, water temperature gauge

Skin Scuba Resort

Chuam Scuba Rerost

  • Address : 461 Chuam-dong, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do
  • Reservations Number : 033-522-1475

Happy Pirate

  • Address : #5-3-2 Gumi-dong, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do
  • Reservations Number : 033-521-9839