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Theme Course

Fishing ship tour

테마로 동해즐기기-낚시배여행

Fishing ship tour

With an accumulated experience of operating the boats in a safer way, the boat operators allow visitors and fishermen to enjoy fishing in the middle of the East Sea, while appreciating the beauty of the marine natural environment. The tranquil port and beach makes visitors feel easy and relaxed. Currently, 44 boats are in operation.

  • Daejin
  • Mukho
  • Eodal
  • Jeoncheon


  • Boarding Place : Daejin Port,Mukho Port, Erdal Port, Jeoncheon Port, Cheongok Port, Chooam
  • Kinds of Fish : flatfish, flounder, ect.
  • Fee : different from each place, an average of 20.000won per person for 2-3 hours(can be changed).
  • For more Information : Department of Marine and Fisheries Marine ☎ 033-530-2531

Current Status of Fishing Boats

As of march, 2006
Village Name all Daejin Fishing Village Mukho Fishing Village Cheongok Fishing Village Chooam Fishing Village Jeoncheon Fishing Village
Nunber of Biats 44 21 8 0 1 3