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Culture & Tourism narration service

How to get access to Culture and Tourism Narration Service?

  • From March to November, this service will be available on a daily basis at major tourism destinations. Anyone who visits the following places can get more accurate and detailed information on cultural heritage and tourism resources of Donghae from the Narration Service providers.

Major Places of Narration : from March to November, (each year),(09:00~18:00)

Place Address Tel Waiting Place Work Days(March~Nov.) Number of Workers
Mureung Valley Samhwa-dong +82-33-534-7306 Management office and Samhwasa Temple Everyday 09:00~18:00 One person a day(can be increased if necessary)
Yakcheon Cultural Village Mangsang-dong +82-33-530-2479 Rotation Rotation One person a day
Haeamjeong Chuam-dong +82-33-530-2869 Rotation Rotation One person a day

Above information can be changed according to variation


  • The Culture and Tourism Narration Service is not available form January to February.
  • Group tourists can enjoy the narration service more conveniently via telephone booking a week before their visit.
  • Since the narration service time can be changed, please contact the service center before your visit.
  • This service is free of charge and in case of too many reservations, this service can be canceled.

For more information

  • Tourism Development Department of Donghae City : TEL +82-33-530-2474 / FAX +82-33--530-2835