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Local special products & Souvenir


What is Mureung Valley Jinttobaegi(Sotdae)?

  • Jinttobaegi
  • Jinttobaegi
  • Jinttobaegi

Jinttobaegi is a dialect of Sotdae used in Yongdong province in Gangwon. The time-honored image represents our health and hope by linking the heaven, earth and human.

Away from its image of Sotdae, Mureung Valley expresses well the surrounding natural environment. Therefore, it is expected to be an image that wishes our health and hope.

Various work of arts can be tailor-made and costs from(L)-20,000W to(S)-10,000W


  • Haneulbaram +82-33-534-9660

Cheongok Cave Wine Glass

Cheongok Cave Wine Glass

This liquir glass took its motif from the stalactite of Cheongok Cave, which has maintained its crude beauty.

  • Price : 10,000W(2piece 1Set)
  • Tel : Gangwonpottery 016-419-7587



동해시의 시화인 매화를 국내산 고급합죽선 부채에 동양화와 사군자를 수년간 학습한 동해문화원의 매화 그리는 어른 모임의 회원들이 직접 그린 작품으로 재료 및 그림 100% 수제품

  • 가격 : 20,000원(중국산재료), 50,000원(국산재료)
  • 문의처 : 동해문화원 033-531-3298

Local special products

상점정보 목록
Company CEO Items Products How to Sell Address Tel
Toto Ceramic Art Center Lim su-jeong China Ware Living ceramic ware Order by Phone/Local Selling Cheongok-dong 011-373-7657
Virgin Mary Art Lee Maeng-ryoul Image of the Virgin Mary and other 6 items Church Products Order by Phone/Local Selling Chuam-dong 033-521-6160
Donghae Beads Art Center Lee Yeong-Bok Beads, Artificial pearl Hair pins, hand bags/ Handmade products Order by Phone/Local Selling Bukpyeong-dong 033-521-5363
Geumgang Industrial Art Choi Seung-Jin Turtle and other 4 itemes Stone Craft Order by Phone/Local Selling Samhwa-dong 033-534-7520
Gangwon Ceramic Art Kim Byeong-Uk Buncheong wares for 5 people Souvenirs Ceramic Art Order-based Selling Bukpyeong-dong 033-521-7140
Donghae Wood Carving Kim Seong-Tae Vases and other 2 items Wood Carving Order by Phone/Local Selling Cheongok-dong, 033-533-7247
Hae-am Ceramic Lee Jeong-Suk Gift Set of Maple Souvenirs, Ceramic Art Order by Phone/Local Selling Chuam-dong 033-522-3320
Safflower Grwoing Team Jeong Bu-Gyo Wreath of Safflower Wreath of Yellow Chrysanthemum Order by Phone/Local Selling Chogu-dong 033-534-3244 019-686-4946
Shinnong Foods(Inc.) Choi Jeong-Gil Kelp and other 5 Items Produced Kelp Foods Order by Phone/Local Selling Dambong-dong 033-521-2794
Donghae Beekeeping Research Team Gang Dae-Chang Acacia honey and , sweet honey Honey Order by Phone/Local Selling Buksam-dong 033-521-1789 017-378-1789
Gho's Food Gho In-Ho Ilchul Gimchi Meat seasoned with Gimchi Order by Phone/Local Selling Guho-dong 033-521-1795
Uil Food Ha Jong-Gap traditional Salted Sea Foods Changran-Pickles and Mmyungran-Pickles Order by Phone/Local Selling Balhan-dong 033-531-3870
Buona Pizza Jeong Rae-Yeong Pizza made with Kelp(seaweed) Bulgalbi Pizza , Conbination Pizza Order by Phone/Local Selling Donghwoi-dong 033-521-8300
Donghae Dried Food Association Park Sang-Gyu Dried Octopus Processing Dried Octopus Order by Phone/Local Selling Mukho-dong 033-531-3115
Hanjin Agriculture and Fisheries Park Ji-Mi Sea Foods, Octopus Seasoned Octopus Order by Phone/Local Selling Yeongjeon-dong 033-533-3182
Represent of Farmers Kim Hong-rae Donghae Fresh Produce Gift Set Kelp, Honey, safflower, Gift set of 3products Order by Phone/Local Selling Cheongok-dong 033-532-3738