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Name Address(Donghae-si) Tel
New Donghae Tourist Hotel (1st) #484, Cheongok-dong +82-33-533-9215
Eastem Tourist Hotel(1st) #906, Cheongok-dong +82-33-533-1930
Inter Crew Tourist Hotel #460-3, Cheongok-dong +82-33-533-7722
Mangsang Grand Tourist Hotel(1st) #396-18, Mangsang-dong +82-33-534-6682
Nakwon Beach Family Hotel #390, Mangsang-dong +82-33-534-3400
Donghae Beach Hotel #3-6 ,Mukho-dong +82-33-533-6035
Kkumuigungjeon Hotel #3-4, Mukho-dong +82-33-532-9996