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Representative Foods


  • 각종영양가가 함유된 오징어
  • Squid fished from the East Sea(Donghae) contains various amino acid essential including taurine, DHA, leucine and threonine.


  • 살아있는 동해의 맛 활어회
  • Various fresh raw fish fished from the East Sea can be enjoyed at any conventional markets or Raw Fish Restaurant Streets along the 2-km-Seashore of Donghae.


  • 신선한 각종 해산물 해물탕
  • The fresh marine products will add the taste of marine foods along with vegetables. And the refreshing Haemultang will help to alleviate your hangover.

러시아산 대게

  • 동해에서 청정대게의 참맛을 러시아산 대게
  • This will be another pleasure of looking around Donghae along with Law Fish Town. It comes through Donghae Port and Mukho Port and their diverse sizes and tastes are enough to make all visitors feel happy and joyful. Large Russian Crab can be tasted at stores across the food street and nearby stores.


  • 더위를 날려버릴 물회
  • Mulhoe is a seasoned raw fish of squid so it provides a fresh taste.


  • 동해바다의 명물 곰치국
  • Its taste is the best of the best of soups. It is made with Gomchi that is caught in every morning from the clear Donghae(East Sea)..


  • 매콤달콤한 동해의 맛 해물찜
  • A spicy seafood dish, typically made with shrimp, squid and crab. It is braised with bean spicy and sweet source.