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Donghae Mureung Festival

Donghae Mureung Festival

  • 행사기간2013. 10. 17. ∼ 10. 20.
  • 행사장소Donghae Sports Compex
  • 행사주관Donghae city / Donghae Mureung Festival Organizing Committee
  • 문의처033-530-2441



  • 소개

Donghae Mureung Festival has emerged as the best event of Donghae city since its inception in 1985. The festival is held 3 days at the first week of October annually, developing into a national feast to advance traditional culture and bring residents together.

  • Starting year : 1985
  • Participants : 30,000
  • Main events
    • Opening ceremony and celebration performance: opening ceremony, cultural prize awarding ceremony, celebration performance, fireworks
    • Cultural performance: Kuk-ak(Korean national music) performance, navy music concert
    • Ceremony event: Sansin-je(god of a mountain), Poongsin-je(god of a wind)
    • Traditional play: senior chess game, wood seesaw playing, ssireum(Korean wrestling), rope pulling game, throwing arrows into a bucket, Nong - ak ( Instrumental Music Peasants ) contest
    • Experience: traditional customs( 20 kinds), Well-being center(10 kinds), reel playing
    • Extra events: stamps exhibition, making my stamp, exhibition of orchid, rock and dwarfed tree exhibition, Korean traditional foods exhibition, Industrial complex promotion center. Leisure events