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Jeongwol-daeboreum Event

Jeongwol-daeboreum Event

  • 행사기간January 1st on lunar calendar
  • 행사장소Jeoncheon hill
  • 행사주관Dongae city/ Korean People
  • 문의처033-530-2441



  • 소개

he First Full Moon Day festival is held to help citizen feel proud of traditional culture and to make traditional customs as a major local event by replaying traditional plays(Sesi or Viewing the first full moon).

  • Starting year: 1998
  • Participants: 30,000
  • Main events
    • Sesi traditional plays : street Pung-mul performance, crossing over the bridge, wish-gut(wish ceremony), kite-flying, Tuho-nori(throwing arrows into a bucket), elastic cord playing, top spinning, rolling a hoop, a game of slap-match, shuttlecock game played with the feet
    • Greeting the first full moon: wishing good luck by making Daljip(so-called moon house made with bamboo), crossing over the bridge, oil fueled light parade, candlelight parade, torchlight parade, Burning of Daljip, swing firing Manguri(a can filled with small sprigs), fire show
    • Extra events: eating nuts, cultural performance, choose lottery ticket, making wish list, sending postcards, eating pattern-pressed candy, experiencing traditional souvenir, traditional goods exhibition