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Event of Sunrise

Event of Sunrise

  • 행사기간1. 1(SUN) 05:00 ~ 09:00
  • 행사장소Chuam beach, Mangsang Beach
  • 행사주관Dongae city/ Korean People
  • 문의처033-530-2234



  • 소개

Sunrise festival has been held on the first day of January since 2000. The festival helps to build the local tourism infrastructure by providing sightseeing, local foods and feasts.

The Hope 2006 Dongae city Sunrise Festival is held by the KPAF of Donghae between 6 a.m and 9 a.m on January 1st, 2006. The feast is held under the theme of "Combination of Joyful Tae Geuk with lucky crane" at Mangsang Beach which is well-known for beautiful sun rising. Chuam(meaning a candlestick rock) of Chuam beach is featured in a video clip of Korea’s national anthem. At Chuam beach, "Hanging the Cheongsachorong (the traditional Korean red-and-blue gauze lantern)" event is followed by massive Korean national flag parades with national anthem. The parade represents Korean people's hope for well-being of families and nation.

  • Starting year: 2000
  • Participants: 150,000
  • Main events
    • Chuam beach : wish worship service, massive Korean national flag hanging event, new year’s lighting ceremony, movie, candle light festival, fire show show
    • angsang Beach : crane dance performance, Korean drum dance, reciting a poem event, sending a new year’s card, fire show show