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Former Yangsaeon stone carving

Former Yangsaeon stone carving

  • 소재지Upper parts of Mureung rock in Mureung valley, near Geumran pavillion
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  • 소개

There are 12 Chinese letters of choseo style on the rock, which mean that “This beautiful place belongs to the world of gods.

In this great and wonderful nature of water and stones, I forget earthly desires for the moment, and then, a path of self-discipline opens." Beside these letters, writings of great calligraphers of each times, and the names of Geumran circle are carved into the rock.

Those 12 letters seem to be written by Yang Saeon, who was especially good at writing big letters in choseo style and considered one of the four greatest calligraphers in early Joseon period.

elow it are seven letters including Ok() and Ho(), but the letter Ho is not clear and could be read as Dae(臺).

Choe Manhui wrote in Jinju records in 1963 that “the 12 letters written on the rock by Yang Saeon during the reign of King Seon look like a dragon flying to the sky."

This makes the argument that the phrase was done by Yang Saeon more convincing. On the other hand, some argue I Jowon(1758~1832) wrote the phrase based on the fact that his penname was Ok Ho(玉壺), but with little evidence.

Others see the seven letters were written by Jeong Haeon, who governed the region for two years from 1750. Jeong Haeon was so famous for his writings that he wrote the signboard in calligraphy in Changgyeong Palace. The year of writing indicated in the letters is 1751 when Jeong Haeon controlled the region.

Those who support Yang Saeon also have some evidence-he was a renowned choseo calligrapher, governed the nearby region in 1751, and reported to made a visit to a nearby community to express condolence to his successor, and historical documents and oral information see the letters Yang Saeon's