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Samhwasa Temple

  • 지정일1988. 5. 28
  • 소재지8-tong, Samhwa-dong, Donghae
  • 문의처033-534-7661


  • 소개

Located at the entrance of Mureung Valley, this historied temple was established by Jajangyulsa in the 11th year of the reign of Silla's King Seondeok (642) and named Heukyundae. After that, it was rebuilt by Buddhist monk Bumil and renamed Samgongam.

Except Yaksajeon, almost all Samhwasa buildings burnt in the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, however, it was rebuilt in the 1st year of the reign of King Hyeonjong (1660). This temple whose buildings were burnt and damaged through the twice disasters in the 23rd year of King Sunjo(1823) and the 43rd year of King Gojong(1906) has been reconstructed with lively historical records.


  • Location : 8-tong, Samhwa-dong, Donghae
  • Entrance Fee : Adult (KRW1,000), Youth(KRW700), Child(KRW400), No Discount for Group
  • Climbing Course
    • Entrance → Mureungbanseok → Samhwasa Temple → Hill-Fort Duta → Mt. Dutasan (14.9㎞, 260 min required)
    • Entrance → Mureungbanseok → Samhwasa Temple → Gwaneumsa Temple → Gojeokdae → Mt. Dutasan (24㎞, 7 hours required)
    • Entrance Haksodae → Ssang Waterfall (Twin Waterfall) → Yongchu Waterfall → Bakdangryeong → Mt. Cheongoksan (12㎞, 220 min required)