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Bugok Dolmen

  • 소재지San 43Beonji, Bugok-dong, Donghae-si
  • 문의처033-530-2441


  • 소개

There is no document about the monument. But it is said that there was a place to produce earthen ware and lots of white wares were excavated long time ago.

There is a legend that the menhir was established to indicate the border line between Shilla Kingdom and Goguryeo Kingdom. Caldron-shaped earthen wares and arrowhead assumed to be used by soldiers were excavated in the area. There remain traces of fortress wall built along the ridge of a mountain. Given there was a fierce battle here at that time, the menhir is assumed to be an indication of national border.

Under the mountain in which the menhir is, there is a place called Yucheon where Hwarang(Voluntary youth military organization that cultivated patriotism through physical and mental training) trained their body and spirit indulging the beauty of nature. It is said that there was a large rock engraved with Chinese letters Yucheon.