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Gohyeonseong(Janganseong) Fort

  • 소재지San 69Beonji, Simgok-dong, Donghae-si
  • 문의처033-530-2441


  • 소개

Driving south on Donghae Expressway (Gangneung ~ Donghae), there is Mangsang. From there, Donghae Engineering high school is located at 2.0Km west along Masangcheon (Masang stream). The fortress is located at a north hill (70m high) across the stream.

According to a book titled Joseonbomulgojeokjosajaryo-Historic Remains and Treasure of Joseon Dynasty, the fortress is located at south of Simgok-ri, Mangsang-myeon and called the site of Gonyeong Fortress. Another historic document called Jeongugyumulmongnok -List of national historic remains says, the fortress is a mud castle at Simgok-ri, Mukho-eup. Cultural Heritage series reveals that there is a 1km long-fortress called Jangan Fortress or Anto Fortress along the ridge of a low hill. And soldiers guarded Bonghwadae(beacon lighthouse). But, now only the traces of the fortress are maintained. According to a history book called Imnyeongji, Gohyeon Mountain Fortress was in the mountain west to Simgok-ri, Mukho-eup. But now there are only traces of the fortress. The fortress's circumference is around 1km. And it is estimated to be built in Goguryeo kingdom. The mud castle was called Jangan Fortress and it had a fortification.

A recent study reveals that the fortress is made of various kinds of sandstone. The wall of the fortress is 1~5m in height, 2~3m in width and 600~700m in length. Northeastern wall was collapsed but Southwestern wall is well preserved.

3m tall, 140cm long-stone gatehouse was found in the place where North gate is assumed to exist. There is a site of well in the castle and plain land is reclaimed as rice field, inclined land an orchard. It is said that a semi lunar shaped stone knife was collected here and still fragments of earthen wares and tiles are scattered. Besides, a tile engraved with a Chinese letter"卍".

Such tiles are also colleted in Southeastern Chungbuk Province. With high Northwestern wall and low Southwestern wall, the fortress holds a unique characteristic of Korean mountain fortress. Until 10years ago, there was a residential area within the castle. But now the area was emptied and 3300㎡ sized orchard was made on the land. The Fortress is overlooking East Coast over Yeungdong rail road. The fortress is estimated to be built either in Goguryeo Kingdom or Goreyo Dynasty.