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Duta Mountain fortress wall

  • 소재지8-tong, Bukpyeong-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do
  • 문의처033-530-2441


  • 소개

Leading to Mt. Cheongoksan, Mt. Dutasan is famous for its beautiful hills and waters and attracts a number of climbers as a superior climbing course all the year round.

With the bluff cliffs, rockwalls and waters harmonized with old pine trees, critical Mureung Valley forms a mysterious scene.


Owing to just about 12km distance from East Sea, it is ideal for summer visitors to enjoy the mountain and sea together. The name, 'Duta'means pursuing the practice of Buddhistic austerities away from the tainting influence of the world.

The mountain includes Duta Hill-fort, temple lots and Ohsibjeong, and the valley has many flat rocks where hundreds of people together can play - a very special natural park.

As Mt. Dutasan (1,352) is connected to Mt. Cheongoksan(1,404) at interval of 4km, both the two mountains are called Mt. Dutasan. By connecting the two mountains, it is also available of mountain-range traversing.

※ Nearby Attractions : Mureungbanseok, Samhwasa Temple, Duta Hill-fort, Haksodae, Ssang Waterfall, Yongchu Waterfall


  • Location : 8-tong, Bukpyeong-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do
  • Climbing Course
    • Entrance → Mureungbanseok → Samhwasa → Duta Hill-fort → Mt. Dutasan (14.9㎞, 260 min required)
    • Entrance → Mureungbanseok → Samhwasa → Gwaneumsa Gojeokdae → Mt. Duta (24㎞, 7hr required)
    • Entrance Haksodae Ssang Waterfall Yongchu Waterfall Bakdangryeong Mt. Cheongoksan (12㎞, 3:40 required)