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Bugok Dolmen

  • 지정번호Cultural Heritage of Gangwon-do No. 46
  • 지정일June. 2nd 1984
  • 소재지806Beon-ji, Cheongok-dong, Donghae-si
  • 문의처033-530-2441



  • 소개

Bugok Dolmen was originally located at west hill of Dodukgogae, 1km southwest from Mukho station along Donghae express way.

But it was transferred to a flower garden of a nearby traffic circle in 1978 due to road expansion construction. Recently, it was moved again to a garden of the parliament of Donghae-si.

The grave room was made basement with huge capstone on the ground to indicate it. The capstone is 176cm in length, 75cm in width and 42cm in depth. South and East walls of the stone chamber were lost. North wall is made of 3 flat stones, West wall 1 flat stone. The stone chamber is 140cm in length, 40cm width and 50cm depth. A semi lunar shaped stone knife was excavated from the dolmen.