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Donghae Iro-dong tile kiln site

  • 지정번호Monument of Gangwon-do. No. 86
  • 지정일2005. 4. 22
  • 규모/양식8,642(Designated site 6,105m², Protected site 2,537m²)
  • 시대Joseon Dynasty
  • 소재지700-1Beon-ji and 10Pilji, I ro-dong, Donghae-si
  • 문의처033-530-2441


  • 소개

The tile-kiln site of Iro-dong is an underground climbing kiln and composed of kiln mouth, fire box, flues and so on.

Scratches are on the bag wall of the kiln showing the construction method. The traces of tiles that were piled inside the kiln still remain. This is the most well protected kiln made in Joseon Dynasty. The kiln worth preserving as cultural heritage since it is very important material in understanding construction and operation of a kiln.