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Songjeong-dong Iron Age site

  • 지정번호Monument of Gangwon-do No.84
  • 지정일Mar. 19th 2005
  • 규모/양식14,125㎡
  • 시대Iron Age Remains at Songjeong-dong, Donghae-si
  • 소재지San 7-1Beonji and 21Pilji, Songjeong-dong, Donghae-si
  • 문의처033-530-2441


  • 소개

The historic remains is the largest remains of Iron Age in Donghaean(East Coast) and is located at sand dunes in north of the Jeoncheon.

The total size of the remains is estimated to be 41,000㎡. But houses are densely located, so protected area as a cultural heritage is limited.

4th round of excavations were conducted on the site. In 1996, Gwandong Univ. museum found 4 housing sites in construction site for Donghae port expansion, the southern part of the remains. Earthen wares, glass balls and silver earrings were found in one of them, suggesting that it was housing site of a person belonged to the governing group of the time.

In 1999 and 2000, the Gangneung Univ. museum found another 45 and 9 housing sites respectively in construction site for Songjeong main road, revealing that there was a large village built in Iron Age in Songjeong-dong.

In June 2004, Gangwon Research Institute of Cultural Heritage excavated some parts of designated area (the site for rental housings) and found 35-40 housing sites and various types of stone tombs and remains. Moreover, the excavation team found out that there are 3 tiers of Iron Age kulturkreise 35-150cm below the earth surface and it is estimated that New Stone Age kulturkreise exist below the Iron Age one.

Given the pattern of kulturkreise and superposition of excavated remains and housing sites, the village was established in 2nd-3rd century, A.D. Considering the density of the stone tombs, the village is estimated to accommodate 1,600 households. Therefore, the village is too large to be a community therefore assumed to be related to Siljik Kingdom recorded in Shiji- Historical Records of Ancient China.