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Donghae Eodalsan Signal fire hill

  • 지정번호Monument of Gangwon-do No.13
  • 지정일Dec. 16th 1971
  • 규모/양식Natural Stone
  • 시대Joseon Dynasty
  • 소재지San 24-4 Beonji, Daejin-dong, Donghae-si
  • 문의처033-530-2441


  • 소개

Bongsudae is a place to send fire or smoke signal to convey urgent information.

The original name of the bongsudae is Eodalsan Bongsu. And 2m tall, 9m diameter sized Bongdon (an area where these signals were originated) of the Bongsudae was found at the top of Mt. Eodal, located 12km south away of Ugye-hyeon. It was constructed in Goreyo Dynasty to warn people of invading enemies and used until Joseon Dynasty. Using smoke during days and fire at nights as signals, it was connected with Mongmyeoksanbongsu at Mt.Nam in Seoul.

There were 5 torches, one lit under normal conditions, 2 at the appearance of the enemy, 3 when the enemy approached the border, 4 when the enemy breached the border, and 5 when the enemy attacked. Eodalsan Bongsu is connected with Gwangjinsan Bongsu at Samcheok to south and Ogeunsan Bongsu at Gangneung to North.