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Shimsangyeol's House

  • 지정번호Monument of Gangwon-province No.82
  • 지정일Jan. 1st 1985
  • 시대Late Joseon Dynasty
  • 소재지687, Jiga-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-province
  • 문의처033-530-2441



  • 소개

The house is around 250 years old and is enclosed in a square with women's quarters (anchae) and men's quarters (sarangchae).

Women's quarters have a hipped-and-gabled roof with 3 rooms in front and 2 side rooms that differ in size, and the kitchen on the right side. Main room has a wide window to the central courtyard. There was once a sliding door between the main and the women's living room, and now the main room is being used as dining room. In the upper room which once had the old wall closet, usually seniors were staying there that it has a crude window with a small frame and a wooden veranda on one side. There is a narrow gate beside the main gate exclusively for women.

The women's living room has wooden floor, shingle and mud-plastered walls, and a sealed-up window. There is a two-door gate in the backyard of women's quarters. Kitchen has cement floor and men's quarters' are finished with mortar having wooden verandas. Single door sliding door is connecting the two men's rooms. On the right side of men's quarters is the main gate.Another wing where a barn and a warehouse are located is added at right angles to men's quarters. A straight line of women's quarters and open-ended squared shape of men's quarters form a perfect square when looking down from above.