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Yongsanseowon Hakgyuhyeonpan

  • 지정번호Monument of Gangwon-do province No.78
  • 지정일Nov. 3rd 1985
  • 규모/양식156cm x 48 cm
  • 시대Joseon Dynasty (1705)
  • 소재지202-1, Swaeun-don, Donghae, Gangwon-do province
  • 문의처033-530-2441


  • 소개

I Sepil, the vice-envoy during the reign of King Sukjong, built Yongsan Auditorium in 1705 for educating youth.

It had been remodeled and last demolished in 1865. In 1966, the Confucian scholars rebuilt it as it is of historic importance.

Cultural properties preserved in the auditorium are Heunghakbi, a monument, and Hakgyu Hyeonpan, Calligraphy Board. Hakgyu is equivalent to school regulations of these days and I Sepil engraved his vertical handwriting and made the board (156cm x 48 cm) after he founded Yongsan Auditorium. He hung the board at the door so that all the students easily could see and comply with the rules. Seowons were private schools, so regulations differed by schools.