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Samhwasa Iron Buddhist Statue

[National Tangible Cultural Property]Samhwasa Iron Buddhist Statue

  • This statue is a restored Iron Seated Buddha in Daeungjeon (main sanctuary of a temple), Samhwa Temple. The head looks like shell-shaped hair attached on the round face. It gives a feeling of the wor..
  • Address | San 176, Samhwa-dong, Donghae-si TEL | 033-530-2441
Three-storied stone agoda in Samhwasa Temple

[National Tangible Cultural Property]Three-storied stone agoda in Samhwasa Temple

  • The tower consists of second-story stylobate and three-story main body. The relatively high stylobate has all edges at each square corner with a pillar-shaped sculpture at the center. Supporting ston..
  • Address | San 171, Samhwa-dong, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do province TEL | 033-530-2441
Mureung Scenic Spot

[National Tangible Cultural Property]Mureung Scenic Spot

  • Leading to Mt. Cheongoksan, Mt. Dutasan is famous for its beautiful hills and waters and attracts a number of climbers as a superior climbing course all the year round. With the bluff cliffs, rockwal..
  • Address | 8-tong, Samhwa-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-d TEL | 033-539-3700~1
Haeamjeong Pavillion

[Gangwon-do tangible cultural property]Haeamjeong Pavillion

  • Haeamjeong is a pavilion built by Sim Dongro, the father of Sim family for teaching young students after resignation. It was first established in Goryeo Dynasty (1361), and rebuilt in Joseon Dynasty ..
  • Address | 8tong 3 ban Bukpyeong-dong, Donghae, Gwangwon-porovince TEL | 033-530-2441
Yongsanseowon Hakgyuhyeonpan

[Gangwon-do tangible cultural property]Yongsanseowon Hakgyuhyeonpan

  • I Sepil, the vice-envoy during the reign of King Sukjong, built Yongsan Auditorium in 1705 for educating youth. It had been remodeled and last demolished in 1865. In 1966, the Confucian scholars reb..
  • Address | 202-1, Swaeun-don, Donghae, Gangwon-do province TEL | 033-530-2441

[Gangwon-do tangible cultural property]Shimsangyeol's House

  • The house is around 250 years old and is enclosed in a square with women's quarters (anchae) and men's quarters (sarangchae). Women's quarters have a hipped-and-gabled roof with 3 rooms in front and ..
  • Address | 687, Jiga-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-province TEL | 033-530-2441

[Gangwon-do tangible cultural property]Kimhyeonggi's House

  • Eleventh Kim's family started living in the house. It was constructed in 1726, and has undergone many times of remodeling. Women and men's quarters form an enclosed square, and servants' quarters an..
  • Address | 138, Jiga-dong, Donghae, Gangwon-do province TEL | 033-530-2441
Donghae Eodalsan Signal fire hill

[Gangwon-do tangible cultural property]Donghae Eodalsan Signal fire hill

  • Bongsudae is a place to send fire or smoke signal to convey urgent information. The original name of the bongsudae is Eodalsan Bongsu. And 2m tall, 9m diameter sized Bongdon (an area where these sign..
  • Address | San 24-4 Beonji, Daejin-dong, Donghae-si TEL | 033-530-2441
Songjeong-dong Iron Age site

[Gangwon-do tangible cultural property]Songjeong-dong Iron Age site

  • The historic remains is the largest remains of Iron Age in Donghaean(East Coast) and is located at sand dunes in north of the Jeoncheon. The total size of the remains is estimated to be 41,000㎡. But..
  • Address | San 7-1Beonji and 21Pilji, Songjeong-dong, Donghae-si TEL | 033-530-2441
Donghae Iro-dong tile kiln site

[Gangwon-do tangible cultural property]Donghae Iro-dong tile kiln site

  • The tile-kiln site of Iro-dong is an underground climbing kiln and composed of kiln mouth, fire box, flues and so on. Scratches are on the bag wall of the kiln showing the construction method. The t..
  • Address | 700-1Beon-ji and 10Pilji, I ro-dong, Donghae-si TEL | 033-530-2441